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"Ravenwood Wolf & Owl"

Watercolor/Pastel on sanded paper

Debra Lee

Many people ask me how long I have been an artist. I tell them, "all my life," and that's also how long it has taken me to create that last painting. I can't remember a time I wasn't drawing. I have just added to my skills and knowledge along the way. What you see is a culmination of a lifetime of expressing and interpreting my life through my art. 

Ravenwood Wolf & Owl

These paintings were inspired by my trip to Yellowstone a while back when we followed the Druid wolf pack. We observed wolf and grisly kills where the crows and ravens participated in scaveging the kills.

I have also learned that whenever you hear many crows or ravens together in one place screeching loudly they are alerting the entire forest to the presence of an owl or hawk.

These paintings are another new method I have learned that combines my textures in watercolor with pastels on a new substrate of sanded paper which takes watercolor amazingly well.      

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